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Metindo's enduring success is anchored in our unwavering commitment to three fundamental principles: people, quality, efficiency, and safety. In the automotive spare parts manufacturing industry, these are the very essence of our operation"

 Siswijono - CEO of PT Metindo Erasakti

Putri Nur, Marketing

My main goal is to help our valued customers with their body part needs for cars and motorcycles. Our company handles processes like welding, stamping, and die making. I'm committed to providing timely and reliable responses to your orders and documents, and I'll use my industry connections to secure the best prices to meet your company's goals cost-effectively

Nanditya B, Purchasing

Hello, I've turned my passion into a profession. As part of my role, I am tasked with sourcing, soliciting, evaluating, and procuring goods and services essential for the manufacturing of our automotive and motorcycle products. Whether you're located anywhere in the world, please feel free to reach out to discuss providing your raw materials, consumables, or services.

Lim Antonius , Information Technology

I am responsible for the management, development, and maintenance of the information technology infrastructure of a company. This includes the installation and maintenance of hardware, software management, network setup and monitoring, information security, as well as technical issue resolution    

Alif Dhiofan, Human Resources Development

I am the 'culture architect' of the company. My role is to recruit, develop, and retain top talent. I build a strong team and create a pleasant working environment. I am the driver of the company's success

Widiawati, ERP System Support

I am a "data shepherd" in manufacturing. I ensure that the ERP system runs smoothly, ensure timely information, and provide the foundation for smart decisions. I am a technological pillar in the manufacturing world

Agung, Accounting & Finance

Accounting is like the financial GPS of a business. It takes complex transactions and turns them into a clear path for success. Accountants act as the guides, ensuring companies stay on track in a precision-focused world.     

Putri Y, Production Planning

I am a professional in Production Planning and inventory Control, an expert in production scheduling, process optimization, and ensuring production efficiency through advanced data analysis. I serve as the driving force behind operational success

Astrit C, Maintenance

I am a machine maintenance expert, the 'doctor' of machines in the manufacturing world. I ensure that machines operate flawlessly, keep production running smoothly, and prevent machine 'illnesses

Priyanto, Product Engineering

 I am an expert in Engineering Costing, combining advanced cost analysis with technical acumen. I assist the company in managing and minimizing production costs while maintaining quality. I am a key to financial success and operational efficiency

Brilianto, Dies Tool Making

Hello, I'm Billy, and I work in making tools for manufacturing. I design, build, and maintain tools like dies and molds. These tools shape and create products with precision in industries like automotive, electronics, metalwork, and plastics. High-quality tools guarantee top-notch, precise, and efficient production.

Okta V, Manufacturing

Hello, i'm Okta and i work 'maker' of things, turning raw materials into cool products. I bring tangible creations from ideas and plans, making production a reality. I am a creative force in the world of manufacturing

Surajiyono, Warehouse & Logistic

Hello, I'm Ion, and my job is as a 'supply leader' in the manufacturing industry. My responsibility is to ensure that raw materials and components are available on time, efficiently, and at the best cost. I am the key to the smoothness of production and the success of the company

"If you have any questions, feedback, or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We're here to help you with a smile. Contact us now, and we'll swiftly respond to your needs." 

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