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President Greeting

Sales of motorized vehicles, both four-wheeled (4W) and two-wheeled (2W) at the end of 2021 showed a fairly good increase and have the potential to continue get better in 2022. This was triggered by government policies in the field of purchase tax (PPnBM) in addition, as well as the influence of the improving pandemic conditions and government policies in terms of PPKM. This improving condition also occurs at the global level which is characterized by an increasing number of vehicle exports to various countries.
The improvement of the environment is certainly very influential on PT Metindo Erasakti, as a company that makes four-wheeled (4W) and two-wheeled (2W) motor vehicle components. Companies must be aware of the adequacy of their production capacity both from the equipment, man power and systems used. In addition, companies must also be aware of their competitiveness, because the improvement of this environment is also followed by the growth of new component manufacturing companies. From the conditions mentioned above, the company is required to be more competitive and more flexible. For this reason, management sets the 2022 policy as follows:
1. Improve employee safety behavior
2. Develop competency-based human resources
3. Develop vendors/suppliers as part of the business chain
4. Continuous improvements in the production line
5. Support customer policies by meet customer requirements :
a. Ontime delivery of regular and project new model
b. Meet customer quality standards following SoC Free
c. Increase capacity by increasing efficiency (Machine, Manpower, space)
Thus this policy was decided to be implemented with full commitment by all levels so that we can achieve the business plan targets that have been set.



President Director